What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is using very fine needles (0.25mm thick, which is thinner than a human hair) in selected points around the body that help treat your main concerns by moving qi (energy) and blood. By unblocking or nourishing certain points, acupuncture facilitates the body in doing what it does best.... living, pain free without chronic stress. 


Why do people get Acupuncture?

The reasons people receive acupuncture are very wide spread. The common reason however are:

Stress: as acupuncture has a profound effect on calming the nervous system 

Fertility: acupuncture has great results with regulating menstrual cycles, which in turn releases pain, excessive bleeding and increases the chances of falling pregnant. 

Migraines: here is a really interesting one for me as the results from acupuncture are so sudden and impressive that I recommend all migraine suffers to give it a go. The most effective time to have acupuncture is during a migraine attack. There are amazing ear points that seem to calm the migraine immediately and with gentle follow ups for a vast reduction in migraines and some cases no migraines ever again. 


Does Acupuncture hurt?

This question mainly depends on what is being treated. A muscle spasm will hurt more than a fertility treatment. The pain is minimised by small guide tubes that are places around the needle and are used to confuse the pain receptors so you don't feel the needle go in. But if you do feel pain, it could be compared to that of a very light scratch. And not a scratch that might be described to you by a nurse or dr when they are giving you an injection. 

Once the needle has reached the de qi ( the activation point) you should feel a deep dull ache, like when a massage therapist gets into a knot. Nothing that's unbearable. 

Some points are more painful than others and some you won't feel at all. But if there are any that you don't like or are making you feel uncomfortable then you have full control over having them removed. 


How many sessions of Acupuncture will I need?

On average I go between 4-6 session to have a result. But everyone is unique and individual, so sometimes it's the miracle one session and others it can be longer. Also depends on what we are treating. Fertility is a monthly process while a neck pain would be less. 


Is Acupuncture safe?

Yes, if you are with a trained professional. There are some that aren't as qualified, so I would recommend looking for one that is British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) registered. Like me!


Will I need to get undressed for my Acupuncture treatment?

Not necessarily, but it depends on what is being treated. For instance: a shoulder I would need access to the shoulder and upper back. Fertility, there are points in the lower abdomen that may be easier to access with a shirt and trousers/skirt but if you are wearing a dress then we have towels that you can be covered by to only expose what is needed and always only what you're comfortable with

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the movement of muscles, using muscle testing to treat the body on a mental, emotional and physical level. For instance: you have a fear of spiders: you have a mental response (thinking of spiders what what they can do) an emotional one (sometimes in severe cases crying and panic) and a very physical one (sweating, shaking, etc)


How does Kinesiology work?

We find out where the blockage is and release using a series of techniques, which can be gentle manipulation, acupuncture, lymphatic, talking and identifying mental blocks and thought processes to change


How can Kinesiology help you?

It is mainly used for food intolerances. I, however, have found it to be more useful for emotional blockages that manifest in physical symptoms. For example - IBS that flares up with stress. 


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