Can Acupuncture help with Stress or anxiety?

The answer is Yes!

By slowing down the adrenal and nervous system of the body with key acupuncture points we can help with stress and the effects it has on your body.

Here we also look at the way in which you cope with stress and advice around small changes that can be made to support you during more stressful times. Stress ideally also leads to changes in your sleeping patterns, with acupuncture we can help you sleep more deeply and restful which in turn will help you to cope with stress.


How Does It Work Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is linked to the belief that disease is caused to body due to disruptions in the flow energy. Acupuncture works by putting needles through specific points in the body to stimulate the nerves, allowing the flow of energy to continue.


Can Acupuncture Help with Insomnia?

Absolutely! Stress is one of the biggest causes of insomnia. While we can change the actual stress itself, we can change how you deal with the stress. Acupuncture helps by slowing down the nervous system and the adrenal response. Dietary and lifestyle advice is also given.

Paula is very talented practitioner. She recently resolved a respiratory issue I had for years. I plan to return to her in the near future to treat lower back pains
— David H