RElease your pain

Acupuncture for pain in London

With any kind of pain, including neck and shoulder pain, the needles are used in common trigger points to release the muscles. Depending on the nature of the neck and shoulder pain will dictate where the needles should go. Cupping can also be used here, this allows for an increase blood flow to the area, warming and moving the muscle which has the desired effect of releasing tension. Posture analysis and desk posture advice will also be given.  


Acupuncture For Muscle Spasms

Muscle spams is similar to neck and shoulder pain. By using tripper points, you're causing the body to release the muscles and increase the blood flow to the area, which aids healing. Some muscle spams can be caused by nerves or can impinge nerves Acupuncture helps with nerve impingement but releasing the tension in the muscle that is impinging the nerve. Finding the route cause of the tension also allows for the problem to be fixed from the start, which should have a long term effect of it not repeating itself. Stretching and muscle strengthening advice will also be given.  

Thanks to Paula I was able to recover from an ankle injury I sustained just 4 weeks before the 70.3 Ironman UK. Her work was fast acting and very effective. I highly recommend her services.
— Ryan C